Anitta Rose

✨ About Me ✨

I am a Brazilian girl with a beautiful, sun-kissed complexion. I stand tall, and maintain a toned, athletic physique—a testament to my dedication to a healthy lifestyle.

My smile is often described as charming and unforgettable. Beyond appearances, I pride myself on being polite, affectionate, and yes, even sexy.

🌟 Firm Believer in Serendipity 🌟

As a student, I’ve come to appreciate that nothing in life happens by chance. Every person who crosses my path does so for a reason. What will be our reason?

I can’t wait to find out…

💞 What I’m Looking For 💞

I have an affinity for affectionate, educated, and impeccably groomed individuals. If you appreciate these qualities too, I think we might just hit it off!

In fact, I think I’ll end up being just what you were looking for too.

🔥 Our Meeting 🔥

I’m in the process of improving my English, so bear with me if there are any language hiccups along the way. Communication goes beyond words, after all.

Besides, I believe that actions often speak louder than words. When we meet, I envision a passionate connection that leaves little room for conversation.

💌 Let’s Connect 💌

I’m eagerly awaiting the chance to get to know you better. Don’t be shy; reach out and let’s see where this journey takes us.

💋 Warmest Regards 💋

~ Anitta Rose

Xo Anitta Rose

Anitta Rose


Age: 26

Base city: Los Angeles

Height: 5’6

Bra size: 34D (enhanced)

Shoe size: 7.5

Dress size: M

Weight in lbs: 134

Eye color: Black

Tattoos: 2 small

Personality: Sweet

Ethnicity: Brazilian

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Fluent languages: Portuguese and English

Food: Seafood and Fresh Salads

Drink: Fruit-Based Cocktails

Dessert: Ice Cream

Perfume: Olympea by Paco Rabanne

Music : Pop and MPB

Hobbies: Working Out and Ballroom Dancing

Color: Yellow

Flower: Yellow Roses


Based in Los Angeles when not on tour.


1hr – $600

90mins – $900

2hrs – $1200

Longer Appointments – Please Ask!

Based in Beverly Hills, outcall +$200 fee + Uber if over 5 miles.

Same Day Cancellation fee $250.

$200 Deposit required for outcall appointments.

On tour incall included and preferred; outcall +$200

Tips and gifts are always appreciated but never required.

No photos or videos please.

Care to spoil me? Find my wishlist here.


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